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Provision of high quality infrastructure and service delivery in cities and urban areas is critical for realizing and sustaining their productivity. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is a potential strategy to promote urban infrastructure investments, improve efficiency in service delivery and promote inclusive growth. Development of urban infrastructure through PPP is emerging as a key priority for the Government of India, State Governments and Urban Local Bodies (ULB The Urban Missions and other centrally sponsored schemes (Smart City program, AMRUT, Swachh Bharat Housing for All) led by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, provide the framework and incentives for states and urban local governments to promote PPP. However, structuring and implementing PPP projects that are both viable and affordable in critical sectors such as urban water and sanitation, urban transportation, solid waste management etc., remains a challenge. Capacity and knowledge gaps in developing PPPs is a major constraint. in this context, the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), India is organising a three-day training programme on “Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Urban Infrastructure and Service Delivery” targeting ULBs and other government agencies


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Policy makers and practitioners from state and city governments, parastatal agencies, municipal engineers, NGOs, private sector and other agencies associated with urban sector.
1. Acquire working knowledge and core skills needed for developing and managing PPP in urban infrastructure and service delivery covering Project development process; financial analysis; project documentation; bid process management and drafting concession agreement etc. 2. Share national and international good practices in PPP 3. Acquire understanding of the eco-system needed for making PPP a success.
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