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Fore School of Management

Fore School of Management


Exposure of business enterprises to risks is moving up on the ladder due to rapid pace of change, expanding business arenas, resource constraints, growing openness and accountability, continual organizational change, regulatory developments and well-publicized debacles of companies like Lehman Brothers, Satyam Computers, Enron and WorldCom. These events are adding new dimensions for creating risk awareness and managing risks among present day managers versus their counterparts a decade ago. Stakeholders today are demanding greater transparency on the subject of risks an enterprise faces and commensurate level of assurance about the robustness of the organization’s risk-taking capabilities. That being the reality why is risk an unpleasant word? Why do businesses often interpret risk as impediment to growth and ignore risk taking? Why is risk not viewed as resource for value creation? Can business enterprises, private or public, profit making or non-profits, established or start-ups re-look at risk positively to embrace it for achieving competitive advantage and sustained growth? And what exactly is the potential of using integrated risk management in creating a risk-intelligent organization when the business environment is going through a turbulent phase?


Foundation for Organisational Research and Education (FORE) is committed to the advancement of Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy. Incorporated in 1981, as a non-profit institution, FORE has been working with industry and academia for developing new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to building leaders in today's global business environment.Located in the heart of South Delhi, FORE provides contextual learning and helps in the development of students as thinking professionals, who have the ability to meet the future challenges of tomorrow's corporate leaders. The programmes develop multiple skills including managerial decision-making, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communications, creativity and innovation.FORE takes pride in its professional and high-quality faculty, modern infrastructure, technology and resources- be it in the fields of General Management, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Economics and International Business.
This programme is interdisciplinary. It is recommended that senior and middle level executives from cross-functional areas jointly attend the programme.
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