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The Financial Management for Non-financial Managers Programme is designed to provide non-financial managers with more advanced understanding, knowledge and skills in respect of financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, the time value of money and the basics of capital budgeting. This will help participants to understand the drivers of capital decision-making and project evaluation. They will also gain a better understanding of the impact of operating decisions on the financial health of the business.. Read more at http://www.usb-ed.com/courses/pages/Financial-Management-for-Non-financial-Managers.aspx?region=South%20Africa#5S4ge2wyMKCEFbgc.99


USB Executive Development (USB-ED) is the public executive development company within the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). USBED offers open-enrolment programmes for the individual, in-house and customised programmes for organisations, and strategic consulting. We collaborate with international business schools and leading corporate partners to offer our participants world-class business learning opportunities. As USB-ED is the executive development arm of the USB, all programmes presented must adhere to and fall within the quality assurance and accreditation regulations which govern the USB
You are a non-financial middle to senior manager seeking greater understanding of financial management.