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Shailesh J Mehta School of Management IIT Bombay

Shailesh J Mehta School of Management IIT Bombay


Organizations and its leaders aspire to remain on a growth path continuously. Choosing an appropriate option for the growth of an organization plays a crucial role for the success of an organization. Many organizations fail to chart a growth path or execute it meticulously to achieve the intended outcome. With severe competitive forces caused by the entry of new technologies, competitors, product innovation, economic recession, there is a need for the organizations to be alert and capture relevant opportunities, well in time. An understanding of several options available to an organization to remain on its growth path can only make it possible for its leadership to choose the right one, by use of proper judgment.


India is moving towards a knowledge-based economy. We at IIT believe that much of economic growth that would take place in the coming years in India has to be through efficient management of ventures which are in their growth phase. The management of organization in this phase involves dealing with technological changes at the micro as well as at the macro level.Thus, managers with a strong background in technology are best placed to lead India onto a higher growth path.
The programme is meant for senior decision makers such as Senior Management - CEOs, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents and General Managers, Senior Managers of organizations with aspirations for growth and its sustenance. Organizations would benefit more from the programme by sponsoring a team of senior executives, as a group.
To enable the participants to come prepared for discussion, part of the Reading Materials will be sent to the participants by email and rest will be given on the first day.