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IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode


This workshop addresses the other 99% of untapped potential of leadership. It builds on two decades of empirical research and experiential understanding of transformational leadership in all six continents of the world. Participants will themselves be inspired and learn how to inspire others so they achieve more than they ever thought they could. You will be given a powerful and proven set of tools and instructed in their use. When you practice using them and become proficient enough that they are second nature, that is when you will find that the transformation has already occurred.


Spread over about 100 acres of land, the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, is situated on two hillocks in the Kunnamangalam Area of ancient city of Calicut in Kerala. Boasting of one of the most picturesque and oxy-rich campuses in the country, the world class infrastructure includes air-conditioned classrooms, guest care areas and LAN/WAN connectivity which enables every IIMK resident to be exposed to a wholesome experience. Managed by a dedicated regular administrative staff of 66, it is one of the most efficient Institutions in the country, which knows how to keep balance sheet green and keep all the stakeholders happy.
With its roots dating back to 1996, the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), started with its first batch of 42 students in 1997 and has grown tremendously over the years with a current batch strength of 356 odd students, making it the fastest growing management school in the country.IIMK pioneered the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Program for working executives in India. Having started with 300 class contact hrs in 2001-02, the year-long Executive Management Education Programme is today the richest available in the country having 450 class contact hours.The institute moved to its new campus in January 2003 and the number of programs increased manifold with this step. The training activity is expected to witness further growth with the latest 64 room executive hostel and the construction of a modern 200 bed management development complex. The Institute today is a leader in Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), conducting the largest number of programmes (18) totalling 20 weeks in 2008-09, and is the major QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) Centre of the All Indian Council of Technical Education, in the field of management education.IIMK is also one of the few Centres for Development of Digital Libraries in the world and is a cou
This workshop is designed for senior executives who are CEO material. At this level, executives accomplish what they do through others, not by individual effort. Their success depends on their ability to inspire their subordinates, engage them in a common cause,direct them to work harmoniously to achieve that objective.Here are the benefits delivered:On a personal level: You will no longer have a sense of anxiety or dread even when confronted with starkly adverse circumstances. You will be comfortable dealing with ambiguity,able to quickly see opportunities that would have previously escaped your notice.On an interpersonal level: Your relationships will improve across the board with subordinates, with peers,with those above you on the hierarchy. You will be more authentic,this will be recognized in many ways,reciprocated.On a professional level: You will become more creative than you ever thought you were capable of. Solutions to previously intractable problems will occur to you frequently,some of these will result in dramatic business improvement. You will become more engaged at work,this will be noticed,will rub off on others.Obviously these levels are not independent. They are interconnected,feed off each other. Simultaneous improvement, of the kind mentioned, means that you will experience exponential improvement in your effectiveness as an executive
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