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The training field can change fast, which makes training for trainers crucial. New methodologies. New discoveries about the way adults learn. Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company. Our training the trainer courses give you the practical platform skills and confidence you need to succeed. This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. Whether you’ve been training for a while or never stepped onto a platform before, this training for trainers workshop will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your audience from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities


AMA’s Corporate Learning Solutions (CLS) works with you to provide your organization’s talent with the right skills and behaviors needed to achieve business results. Assessing, designing, and implementing solutions aligned to a company’s work and learning environment, we partner with you to help drive measurable results. This focus on helping businesses achieve success through greater execution has been the cornerstone of AMA for nearly a century, and therefore offers you the most effective learning and development methods available. Regardless of modality, AMA’s proven approach, content, and implementation process will help your organization achieve its strategic objectives. Transform your talent through AMA so team members act like leaders—thinking critically, collaborating to solve problems, and innovating to achieve outstanding business results.
Anyone who is looking for new, more effective approaches to learning, this is the ideal seminar for you
Boost retention with the latest in adult and accelerated learning techniques Know the group’s needs and adjust your material to meet them Build your credibility and trust with trainees and management Create training that has the right flow from segment to segment Open a workshop with confidence…close it with a wrap-up that guarantees learning
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