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The Strategic Persuasion Workshop is a highly customized experience. It begins before you arrive at Wharton with three personality-based assessments. This "inside-out" approach helps you recognize which persuasion styles come most naturally and better enables you to leverage your strengths. It also helps you to understand the steps you must take to gain greater influence and credibility in your organization.
Taught by G. Richard Shell and Cade Massey, the same award-winning team that leads Wharton’s Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence, this program shows you how to overcome influence barriers, improve credibility, and persuade others inside any organization, large or small. It features group work, feedback sessions, interactive lectures, and exercises to provide you with personalized feedback on your persuasion styles.
Rather than rely on lecture-based case studies, the program uses actual organizational challenges submitted by the participants, who work on them in teams. This approach means that in addition to learning new tools and techniques, you gain experience in applying them to real-world problems before you leave the program.


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania also known as Wharton Business School, The Wharton School or simply Wharton) is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League university in Philadelphia. Established in 1881 through a donation from Joseph Wharton, the Wharton School is the world's oldest collegiate school of business. The Wharton School awards Bachelor of Science in Economics degrees at the undergraduate level and Master of Business Administration degrees at the postgraduate level, both of which require the selection of a major. Wharton also offers a doctoral program and houses, or co-sponsors, several diploma programs either alone or in conjunction with the other schools at the university. Wharton's MBA program is ranked No. 5 in the United States according to Forbes[5] and No. 1 in the United States according to the 2020 U.S. News & World Report ranking. Meanwhile, Wharton's MBA for Executives and undergraduate programs are ranked No. 3 and No. 1 in the United States respectively by U.S. News. MBA graduates of Wharton earn an average $159,815 first year base pay not including bonuses, the highest of all the leading schools. Wharton's MBA program is tied for the highest in the United States with an average GMAT score of 732 (97th percentile) for its entering class. Wharton school alumni include current U.S. President Donald Trump, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, and billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Current and former CEOs of Fortune 500 companies including Alphabet Inc., General Electric, Boeing, Pfizer, Comcast, Oracle, PepsiCo and Johnson & Johnson are also Wharton School alumni.
Persuasion and influence inside organizations are core skills for everyone who has to get things done in a complex work environment. These include executives who are moving from a functional to a general management role, as well as managers at every level. This program also attracts participants who work in government, health care, international agencies, and nonprofit groups.
All candidates must be able to understand written and spoken English and participate actively in intensive discussions and teamwork in English.
• Self-awareness, including emotional intelligence
• Credibility, a critical personal quality that includes expertise, position, sincerity, and trustworthiness
• Organizational intelligence, including the mapping skills needed to assemble winning coalitions
• Communication skills for bringing just the right tool at just the right time to make the sale
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